Emergency contact information at Portland animal hospital

Emergency Veterinarian

During our regular office hours the Pet Samaritan Clinic is prepared to handle any emergency on a priority or walk-in basis. Although the Pet Samaritan Clinic offers 24-hour nursing care for our critical patients, we are not open for emergency visits outside of our regular office hours.

It can be difficult to know when a symptom is indicative of an emergency. Something subtle like lethargy or weakness or loss of appetite could indicate internal bleeding. Generally, it is best to have a pet seen early when a symptom is present as the causative disease process may have been present for a while; remember that a dog or cat will not come to you with a complaint like a person would. No one knows your pet better than you; if you feel it is an emergency, we will see your pet immediately or on a walk-in basis; in less serious situations, we will arrange to see your pet the same day whenever possible.

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Pet Samaritan Clinic

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